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[QUESTION] a few actually

1. this community seems dead and the mod is gone as well, so i was wondering if ne1 wud be willing to bring it back alive? as in we get evry1 back into the swing of fangirling? xD
i kno alan kuo is not tht active, thus leading to an unactive community, but we cud always try to post evry now and then.

2. and if ne1 still pays attn to this comm, i was wondering if ne1 can upload his debut album?
i'v been searching for it at sooo many stores but i cant find it nemore; i'm a really late fan ^^;;
as for bribery, if ne1 wants, i can upload his Welcome to My World album tht came out in '07.

//edit: or if it'd be ezier, we cud start a new alan kuo comm n get evry1 to move over?
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i would love to help out and create a new alan kuo comm~
im srsly fangirling over him~ XDDD